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Goals and Philosophy

In teaching I try to ensure that all courses have clear goals and offer a toolbox of skills which students can directly transfer to their research.  My topical interests include global change for non-majors, meteorology and climatology, climate and society, dynamics and paleoclimatology of ENSO, physics of climate, Quaternary paleoclimatology and paleoecology, spatiotemporal statistics and data analysis, inferential statistics, experimental design, and field and isotope laboratory practica. 

As a research mentor I encourage an informal, respectful, collaborative environment.  If I have done my job properly, group members emerge with a deep understanding of the nature of paleoclimatic observations, strong analytical and quantitative skills, exposure to a hierarchy of climatological models, and a global perspective.  They can manage long-term tasks, publish in the peer-reviewed literature, win research and training grants, and speak clearly about their work.

Courses Offered

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Last assessment
HDR Masterclass
Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Workshop
2016 @ UOW
Advanced Data Analysis Workshop
Spr 2014 @ Maryland
Causes and Consequences of Global Climate Change
Spr 2015 @ Maryland
GEOL 351/651
Statistics for Geoscientists
Fall 2014 @ Maryland
GEOL 437
Global Climate Change Spr 2014 @ Maryland
GEOL 489G/789G Geoscientific Modeling
Fall 2013 @ Maryland
ATMO/GEOS597e Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Workshop Fall 2008 @ Arizona/Maryland
ATMO/GEOS 595c Patterns and Mechanisms of decadal climate variability Spr 2008 @ Arizona
NATS101 Introduction to Global Change/Honors
Fall 2007 @ Arizona
Intro to Global Change, "AIT" section Fall 2007 @ Arizona
GEOS595e Journal Club: Topics in Dendrochronology Spr 2007 @ Arizona
ATMO/GEOS513 ENSO: Past, Present, Future Spr 2006 @ Arizona
GEO101IN Weather and Climate Spr 2005 @ TOCC
Topics, Tools and Techniques in Paleoclimate Research Spr 2004 @ Arizona

Supervisees and their research projects

Amanda Speciale
Env Sci and Policy
acquisition of stable isotopic data from various archives and regions/TBD BS (exp) 2019
Katie Haviland
acquisition of stable isotopic data from various archives and regions/TBD
BS (exp) 2017
Brendan Shimizu
Eleanor Roosevelt HS
Acquisition and modeling of cellulose isotopic data from Queensland, Australia
ERHS (2017)
Mathias Trachsel
Bayesian hierarchical modeling of paleoclimate using multivariate and nonlinear paleoclimatic observations: a case study in the Loeschental Valley 
Swiss NRF Mobility Fellow in residence 2016-2018
Xiaomin Zeng
Geology and University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou
data acquisition and modeling of isotopic composition of wood, southeastern Tibetan Plateau
PhD (exp) 2017
Ivie Ebhojiaye
Eleanor Roosevelt HS
Development of DIC carbon isotopic working standards
ERHS (2015); UMD Banneker/Key Scholarship awardee
Ann-Marie Stringer
Eleanor Roosevelt HS (2014) Development of cellulose isotopic working standards ERHS (2014); PG County Science Fair prizewinner
Kaitlyn J. Steele
ENSO paleoclimatology in Indonesia (tentative)
now research technician, USDA, Beltsville
Grace Duke
Proxy system modeling
B.S. 2015 (Hons); B.S. 2016 (Hons); now graduate student at University of Otago
Emily Boluda
Eleanor Roosevelt HS (2013) Development of cellulose isotopic working standards Case Western Reserve class of 2017
Christina Justice
Environmental Science and Policy Program
Small sample analysis of carbonates by high throughput CF-IRMS
B.S. 2014; graduate student in Geography
Laura-Ray Diederich
ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia B.S. (2014)
Alex S. Lopatka
Impact of climate change on civilization in the Southern Cook Islands over the past millennium
Ph.D (exp) 2017
Leah Mudd
Eleanor Roosevelt HS (2012) Development of cellulose isotopic working standards
ERHS (2012); Towson Univ, B.S.  (2016); working with us summer 2012, 2013, 2014
Bjorn Boysen
Monash Univ (Melbourne, Australia)
ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia B.S. (Hons) 2012, now with Australian Dept of Environment and Primary Industries
Kristina Taylor
ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia B.S. (2013)
Leandra Bitterfeld
ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia B.S. (2014)
Heagan Ahmed
Eleanor Roosevelt HS (2011)
Small sample analysis of carbonates by high throughput CF-IRMS
ERHS (2011);  Cornell University (2014)
Adam Farrell
Carbon sequestration in basalts
B.S. (2011)
Austin Green
ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia; JHU Applied Research Laboratory intern
B.S. (2013)
Grant Jiang
Development of cellulose standards; ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia; Woods Hole intern (2011, 2012); study abroad in Norway, AY 2011-2012;
B.S. (2013)
Andrew Gonyo
Small sample analysis of carbonates by high throughput CF-IRMS
analyst, DynCorp International
Diane Thompson
University of Arizona (UA)/Geosciences
Process modeling of coral climate proxy records (w/ J.E. Cole)
co-supervised for 2010-2011 project; Ph.D. 2013; postdoctoral research fellow, NCAR/ASP, 2013-2016; Asst. Prof, Boston Univ
Nick Gava
ENSO paleoclimatology in Queensland, Australia
2009-2011; Rockville, MD
Matt Glazewski
Forecasting bias in a greenhouse world
2009-2010; now with; National Weather Service
Suz Tolwinski-Ward
UA/Applied Math
Bayesian hierarchical modeling of paleoclimates
Ph.D. (2012); NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, NCAR/IMAGe, 2013-2014; now at: AIR Worldwide, Risk Modeling Group
Adam Csank
Arctic paleoclimatology (w/ S.W. Leavitt); Papua New Guinea stable isotope dendroclimatology;
Ph.D. (2011); now assistant professor at: Nipissing Univ. (North Bay, ON) and research scientist, Univ Nevada-Reno
Ruth Penniston
Australian isotope dendroclimatology
B.S. (2010); Teach for America; Fulbright Fellow, Norway; masters student at Columbia University
Megan Rheaume
Australian isotope dendroclimatology
B.S. (2009); environmental consulting
Ana Kursinski
GPSRO water vapor retrievals and ENSO prediction
Postdoc 2008-09
Micheal Hailey
stable isotope laboratory technician
B.S. 2007
Sarah White
stable isotope laboratory manager
M.S. 2011; now website editor, Southwest Climate Change
R. Scott St. George
south central Canadian hydrology (w/ D.M. Meko)
Ph.D. 2007; now Associate Professor, Geography, Univ. Minnesota-Twin Cities
Kevin Anchukaitis
Cloud forest paleoclimatology
Ph.D. 2007; LDEO postdoctoral scholar; Assistant Research Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; Associate Professor, University of Arizona
April Chiriboga
Carbon cycle and forests
co-supervised in 2005; Ph.D. (2015); now at Colby College
Brooke Rabe
tree-ring and climate modeling
B.S. 2009; Ph.D. program in Statistics at Ohio State
Mau-Chuang Foo
Cloud forest paleoclimatology B.S. 2008
Jonathan Buchanan
stable isotope laboratory manager
B.S. 2007; Raytheon Missile Systems
Erin Gleeson
Peruvian dendroclimatology
B.S. 2006; now at Mountain Research Initiative, UniBe Inst of Geography
Cristina Luis UA/GEOS
State space analysis of ENSO activity
M.S. 2004;  USAF
Brianna Muhlenkamp
tree-ring and climate modeling
B.S. 2005; Shell Exploration and Production
Praveen Kundurthy
Peruvian dendroclimatology
B.S. 2005

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