Homework 3: Revising your fellowship proposal

last updated 18 July 2017

Assigned Sept 16, 2017. To be completed prior to our meeting September 22, 2017, 1p, CHEM 0215

Introduction. In our meeting on September 16th we discussed strengths and areas for improvement that you identified in your outlines and drafts. Now you will revise some aspect of your proposal and share how your proposals improved as a result of your efforts.

Task 1.  Using the strategies we discussed in class 9/16 that you find most effective, revise some aspect of your proposal draft or outline.

Task 2.  Review your revisions. Make some notes on how you achieved your revisions that you can share with other workshop participants.  What is left to be done, and on what aspects of your application package would you like further input?

Bring your work to class Friday (Sept 22nd) for discussion and as a jumping off point for working toward Fall 2017 fellowship proposal deadlines.

M.N. Evans, Department of Geology and ESSIC, Geology Bldg (#237) Rm. 1120, 8000 Regents Dr., College Park, MD 20742 USA