Homework 2: Drafting and evaluating your fellowship proposal

last updated 18 July 2017

Assigned Sept 8, 2017. To be completed prior to our meeting September 15, 2017, 1p, CHM 0215

Introduction. In our meeting on September 8th we discussed what makes a fellowship proposal both complete and compelling. Now you will use this list to develop and evaluate the specific content of your own proposal this week. We will practice revising in week 3 of this workshop (meeting 9/22/17).

Task 1. With your understanding of what makes a compelling fellowship proposal, create a first or next draft of your application. For those of you who haven't prepared such a proposal before, this may mean creating an outline, or a set of notes, on what you would like to include in an eventual proposal. For those of you who have prepared such applications before, this assignment may mean revising an existing proposal. If you prefer, you may also choose to focus on one particular element of the application, for example either the personal statement or the proposed research essay. In any case, what I am asking you to do is to spend some significant time writing.

Task 2. Review your draft. Considering our notes from last session on what makes a proposal both complete and compelling, write down two sets of bullet points answering the following questions:

Bring your work to class Friday (Sept 15th). We will begin by compiling your results for Task 2, question 2, to see if there are common areas to address in our drafts. Then we will discuss ways in which we can improve our drafts in these areas.

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