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Safety & Training resources for the Paleoclimatology CoLaboratory

DES chemical hygiene lab safety course
required for all, take on-line annually
MSDS database
Geology department lab safety questionnaire
required for all, see Becca Plummer to complete
Responsible Conduct of Research
Ethics training - Must be completed whether or not you're supported by NSF funds. Send a copy of your certificate to Michelle Montero and Susanne Martin. The training must be complete before a new hire is added to the payroll.

Campus safety resources:
UMD Department of Public Safety University Police

Campus alert system

BETA Team: Behavior Evaluation & Threat Assessment. Provides resources and contacts related to concerns about student behavior.

UMD SOS App: Available for iOS and Android. "As part of the SOS campaign, we are launching the UMD SOS app to provide community members with on-the-go reference for various emergency situations. The UMD SOS app will also provide up-to-date information distributed by the campus system."

Last modified 11/2/15.