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Getting Started in the Paleoclimatology CoLaboratory

Welcome to the Paleoclimatology CoLaboratory research group! Below are some steps to help you get started.

  1. All new hires must complete the Responsible Conduct of Research training and present their certificate of completion prior to being placed on Geology payroll.
  2. Please review the guidelines for the use of this space.
  3. See Mike (Chem. 1212B) to set up your login for the computing system.
  4. See Sandy Romeo (Chem. 0223) for keys and swipe card access to room 1212. By accepting these, you agree to the room use guidelines.
  5. Safety is very important when working in the laboratory. Before beginning work in the lab, you must:
    1. Complete the DES chemical hygiene lab safety course. After passing the test, print confirmation and give it to Becca (Chem. 1212E).
    2. Complete the Geology department lab safety questionnaire with Becca (Chem. 1212E).
  6. Since we have many users, it is essential that everyone consistently follow the protocols that have been established. To become trained on any protocol (sample preparation, analyses, etc.), you should:
    1. Review the relevant protocol.
    2. Meet with Becca, Mike, or Jay to go over the protocol and ask questions.
    3. Watch and take notes as a trainer (probably Becca, Mike, or Jay) performs the protocol.
    4. Next, you will perform the protocol as the trainer watches and clarifies.
    5. Ask questions and continue to practice until you feel comfortable performing the protocol on your own.
    6. Remember to always stop and ask questions if anything is unclear, or if something seems different.
  7. Take some time to look through the intranet so you know where to find relevant information.

Last modified 11/16/2015.