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Kiritimati coral stable isotope (13C, 18O) data (1938-1993)
Evans et al., 1998, 1999
Kiritimati coral minor element (Sr/Ca) data (1981-1986) WDCA-Paleo Evans et al., 1998, 1999
Pacific SST field reconstructions from coral data (1801-1990)
Ingrid or WDCA-Paleo Evans et al., 2000, 2002
Pacific SST field reconstructions from tree-ring data (1591-1990) Ingrid or WDCA-Paleo
Evans et al., 2001, 2002
Pacific SST fields from instrumental data (1856-1990; basis for coral and tree-ring reconstructions)
Ingrid or WDCA-Paleo
Kaplan et al., 1998; Evans et al., 2002
Data published in Bond et al. (2001) WDCA or 325 Kb xls file
Bond et al. (2001)
Recipe for rapid Brendel et al. (2000)-style extraction of ~O(mg) wood samples to alpha-cellulose
16Kb pdf
Evans and Schrag, 2004; Anchukaitis et al., 2008
Stable isotope data from tropical trees (Costa Rica, Peru)
WDCA-Paleo or here (tar.gz file)
Evans and Schrag, 2004
Code for forward modeling time series of stable isotopes in tropical trees matlab/octave compatible function v. 1, run script, test dataset (347Kb tar.gz file or WDCA-Paleo text file)
Evans, 2007
Database of modeled oxygen isotopic timeseries in tropical trees
Evans, 2007
Stable isotope data from Monteverde, Costa Rica trees
WDCA or tarfile here
Anchukaitis et al (2008); Anchukaitis and Evans (2010)
VS-Lite code for forward modeling tree-ring widths (also parameter estimation code)
WDCA-Paleo (email me about updated code, 10/2014, to be tested/posted soon)
Tolwinski-Ward et al (2011 ; 2011-Erratum); Tolwinski-Ward et al (2013)
Stable isotope data from northern Queensland Kauri
WDCA-Paleo or zipfile
Boysen et al (2014)
PAGES/Ocean2k reconstruction of regional tropical sea surface temperatures
Tierney et al (2015)
PAGES Ocean2k Synthesis Data Set WDCA-Paleo
McGregor et al (2015)
Code for correction algorithm for on-line continuous flow δ13C and δ18O carbonate and cellulose stable isotope analyses tarfile here
Evans et al (2016)

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